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David E. Feldman Author

eBook Special Discount Books 2-6 66% OFF

eBook Special Discount Books 2-6 66% OFF

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5 Fantastic Mysteries PLUS a Special Bonus Prequel at 66% OFF the Everyday Price! From award-winning author David E. Feldman. 

• A Gathering Storm, Dora Ellison Mystery Book 2: A councilwoman's brother is brutally murdered in an alleyway known as a haven for drug abusers. As Dora investigates she finds she is suddenly the target of a dark criminal syndicate and its murderous assassin.

• A Sickening Storm, Dora Ellison Mystery Book 3: Murder by Disease! Someone is infecting patients at the Beach City Medical Center with the world's most deadly diseases, and it's up to Dora and Missy to stay alive long enough to stop them. This suspense-filled dark medical mystery thriller will keep readers up at night wondering how many more innocent people have to die agonizing, gruesome deaths before Dora and Missy bring the killer to justice?

• A Biological Storm, Dora Ellison Mystery Book 4: A woman is murdered, her body torn apart with a high-powered automatic rifle. A second murder is committed, and Dora learns that both victims are transgender.Who would commit such brutal murders and why? Can Dora and Missy survive long enough to stop the killer before more innocent people die or they themselves are killed?

A Special Storm, Dora Ellison Mystery Book 5: Who would murder people with special needs? A performance of a troupe of young people with disabilities is backing one of their own, the beloved singer Julian Lockhart. As he is about to sing his penultimate note, he pauses … and a crack is heard, blood spurts from his neck, and he falls to the stage. Pandemonium and panic ensue. The boy’s father hires Geller investigations, and Dora Ellison and Missy Winters set out to find his killer.

A Divisive Storm, Dora Ellison Mystery Book 6: This dark mystery thriller features a stunning twist that turns the tables on the story's white supremacy angle. Ray Drucker is shot in the face while sitting in his car in a drugstore parking lot, and his wife has hired Dora to find his killer. Dora quickly learns that his murder is connected to another, five years earlier. As the bodies pile up, Dora and Missy find that the killings are connected to a dark and violent web of white supremacists.

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