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A Special Storm - Dora Ellison Mystery Book 5 eBOOK

A Special Storm - Dora Ellison Mystery Book 5 eBOOK

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eBook 5 in the award-winning Dora Ellison Mystery Series

About this premium ebook:

Who would murder people with special needs?

A performance of a troupe of young people with disabilities is backing one of their own, the beloved singer Julian Lockhart. As he is about to sing his penultimate note, he pauses … and a crack is heard, blood spurts from his neck, and he falls to the stage. Pandemonium and panic ensue. The boy’s father hires Geller investigations, and Dora Ellison and Missy Winters set out to find his killer.

Who would kill this beautiful and talented special young man with the voice of an angel? A local NIMBY activist? The father of another special young man whose object of affection is a special young woman who has eyes only for the young victim? Or could it be a parent who was not aiming at the young singer at all but at the school’s founder, Mason Montgomery, who reneged on his promise to fund the school in perpetuity? Or … could it be someone with another as yet unknown connection to the special young singer.

Secrets and danger abound in this dark mystery crime thriller.

Book 5 of the Dora Ellison Mystery Series is a murder mystery featuring a woman sleuth who is no ordinary private investigator. Dora’s brand of vigilante justice takes the reader on a suspense-filled journey that rivals those of Lee Child, John Sandford and Harlan Coben.

Fans and lovers of Noir, Hard-Boiled and LGBT Detective Mysteries will love the Dora Ellison Mystery Series.

an exciting thriller that will leave you breathless”

“a gripping plot and lots of unexpected turns”

“excellent character development”

“Special needs kids are the stars of this book”

“another piece of work I couldn't put down”

“a very peculiar yet captivating read”

“a thrilling read that keeps you guessing until the very end”

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