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David E. Feldman Author

A Divisive Storm - Dora Ellison Mystery Book 6 eBOOK

A Divisive Storm - Dora Ellison Mystery Book 6 eBOOK

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eBook 6 in the award-winning Dora Ellison Mystery Series!

About this premium ebook:

This dark mystery thriller features a stunning twist that turns the tables on the story's white supremacy angle.

Ray Drucker is shot in the face while sitting in his car in a drugstore parking lot, and his wife has hired Dora to find his killer. Dora quickly learns that his murder is connected to another, five years earlier. As the bodies pile up, Dora and Missy find that the killings are connected to a dark and violent web of white supremacists.

The victims were all members of a club with a barely hidden racist agenda.

Fans and lovers of noir and hard-boiled dark thrillers and mysteries will love the Dora Ellison Mystery Series.

Reviewed by Midwest Book Review's Senior Reviewer Diane Donovan

David E. Feldman does more than craft another whodunit. He introduces elements of social inspection, presenting the scenario and killer with an exceptional powerful prologue that draws the reader instantly into a killer's mind:

"And there he was. I knew where he’d be. I knew of several places he would be and times he would be at those places. I had all the information. All I had to do was wait for the right opportunity. An empty parking lot or a busy street. Either might do, if they were right. I’d know. I had lived for this."

Terror is a big reason for the killer's particular modus operandi. That, and justice. The satisfaction that comes from killing also enters the bigger picture to paint a personal vendetta with the red-hot colors of not just senseless crime, but a cold purpose that saturates the story with blood and contrasting belief systems from the start.

Feldman's ability to juxtapose the killer's ideals and motives with the equally determined force of those who hold a different interpretation of justice provides just the right balance of gritty moral inspection and intrigue to keep murder mystery readers on edge and guessing.

All the characters are strong, not just the investigators. This lends an aura of believability to the plot that not only engages the mind, but challenges the hearts of readers who expected a casual murder scenario, only to find themselves rethinking their own ideals of law and justice.

The human aspects of these engagements emerge from a variety of characters and scenarios, with dialogue reinforcing the stands and choices people take and make in order to survive:

“… you want her to fit in, to be normal. It’s what I would want. And yet—”

“And yet, what?” C3’s voice was low with growing fury.

“I’ve just gotta say, son. She,” he shrugged, “looks like a retarded kid.” He held out a palm. “There’s things you can do about that. Why wouldn’t you cover all your bases?”

C3’s answer came out as a snarl. “Because your granddaughter isn’t a base. And she’s not a retarded kid.”

If one thing can be said about A Divisive Storm, it's "expect the unexpected." There is nothing singular about its plot, nothing predictable about the outcomes, and little set in stone along the way.

Feldman's ability to craft a hard-boiled noir atmosphere in Dora's world, supercharged with further elements of personal and social inspection, creates a story highly recommended not just for libraries and readers seeking compelling mysteries, but book clubs looking for genre reads that provoke discussions and debates about larger moral and social issues.

FIve Star Amazon Reviews

"Memorable and thrilling mystery thriller novel - a must read!"

"This book was my reentry into the world of mystery and I absolutely loved it. "

"I’d highly recommend this book, series, and author to any mystery lovers out there!"

"Well written with unexpected twists and turns!"

"I recommend this book and plan to read the whole series."
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